Dashboard Confessional Live
December 5, 2001 at The Masquerade, Atlanta, Georgia
Review by Kim Filipek

The crowd bounced along with the music of opening bands Seville and Fairweather, and anticipation and excitement grew and Further Seems Forever took the stage. The response for all three bands was good, but everyone was anxiously awaiting the presence of Chris Carrabba, better known as Dashboard Confessional. Further finished up their set with a very energetically played song. Halfway through, Chris Carrabba himself, also former lead singer of FSF, joined his old colleagues onstage which got a great audience rsponse.

Finally, after listening to R.E.M. played over the speakers for about 20 minutes, Dashboard Confessional took the stage. The show began with the title track from Dashboard's latest album, The Places You Have Come To Fear the Most. It was followed by a mix of recent tracks as well as a few tracks from DBC's debut album. They also played 2 songs from the new EP, one being the track "Hands Down", a great song with suggestive but not completely obvious lyrics..."It's about getting some", as Chris so bluntly put it. There was a lot of crowd participation; a lot of hopping, hands in the air, lighters, and so much singing along that at times Chris would step away from the microphone and let the audience take over. As the show progressed, Chris Carrabba seemed to get more and more into the show, with the crowd following close behind.

Not many probably remember the days when Dashboard Confessional was just an acoustic act back in 2000. Anyone who has seem the group live recently has heard the "plugged in" side of DBC...and personally, I think it's great. DBC puts on a great show, and everyone gets involved and is moved in some way or another, with the powerful lyrics and emotional performance. Dashboard Confessional is definitely an act worth paying the measly $10 to see.

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